Knowing where to go for supplies can be daunting with so many options. This page will tell you where we go and what products we use for our Savannahs to keep them in great health! 

Pharmaceutical and OTC:

We choose Revival Animal Health and World Pet Express when ordering prescription medications, wormer and supplements. Both sites offer great deals and are very competative in price!

Worming your kitten regularly is important. This is the brand we use: 

Drontal Cat Allwormer  4 Tablets

All natural chewables that help relax our kitties during times of stress (vet visits, traveling, etc - based off the individual's needs)

Composure Feline Bite-Sized Chews  Soft Chews 30



Intestinal flora balance is important in regulating the health of your kitty from the inside out. 

FortiFlora  Feline 30 Sachets




We live in a colder climate and winters can get chilly.Providing heated beds is something we like to do to go the extra mile to ensure our cats are always comfortable.  

We use cat doors to allow our kitties to venture outside safely into a catio

Our kitties arent always perfect. For those times, we use an odor neutralizer to ensure that there is no lingering smell! 

F.O.N. Feline Odor Neutralizer Refill (Quart) 32oz